🏆 1st place in capstone project

Project Duration

My Role 




January 2023 – April 2023 (4 months) 

UX/UI Designer

Figma, Illustrator, After effect

5 Designers (Gian Cochella, Herlan Wijaya, Jane Choi, Joanne Cho, Yuen Ki Hung) and 4 Developers (Elmer Balbin, Danika Enad,, Iris Chen, Keiko Shimizu)

Define Project Goal

The coaches of a gymnastics program for young children have found that they spend too much time on administrative tasks such as switching between sessions, searching for course materials, and recording progress.

As a result, they are unable to dedicate as much time as they would like to coaching. To address this issue, we have developed a mobile app with user-friendly features that will allow coaches to optimize their sessions and focus more on coaching.

Problem ↓

What would it be efficient ways to save time for coaches?

Solution ↓

đź’ˇApps for Tracking and managing by automating skills

Coala is a mobile application that tracks and manages each child’s

individual learning by automating and bringing together the skills they need to learn. 

Through this solution, users will be able to have:

Final Design

Research ↓

How's kids' sport industry?

 Kids’ sports industry is worth $5.7 billion, and the average Canadian family spends around $1,000 annually on their kids’ sports activities, according to a survey by SolutionsResearch Group (SRG) involving over 2,000Canadian families. This indicates a wide potential market for Coala, an application designed to manage extra-curricular classtools that can be used by coaches, teachers, and associations with portable devices.Given this research, the prospective usage rates for Coala are promising.

Source: Sports & Fitness Industry Association, 2021


User Story

As a coach I would like to –

User Flow


User Testing

UI Kit

Logo Animation

Capstone Project 1st place in 2023