UX was here

 🏆Selected within Top 3 Finalist at ux design jam 

Project Duration

My Role 




March 2024

UX/UI Designer


Ana Rodriguez, Aoi Netsu, Grace Sun, Jane Choi

Project Overview

This project was selected by within top 3 finalist on Eunoia Design Jam at SFU university among 

43 teams over 150 participants. 

Our client was ‘UX was Here’, it is a dynamic community-based platform that brings together UX enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds under on virtual roof. With 

features like explore, job listings, messaging, 

posts and event. 

-Matt Karakilic Founder & CEO @UX Was Here


High turn rate, low usage rate

As UX Was Here strives to fulfill its mission of creating a vibrant

and inclusive community for UX enthusiasts, several key challenges

and needs have emerged, each presenting unique opportunities for

innovation and improvement within the UX domain.

The main challenge from the client’s perspective.

Beta version

Our First Approach

How might we develop an inclusive, community-centred platform while increasing user engagement and

retention rates?

Define the Problem

“UwH” struggles with understanding the needs and motivations

of its diverse user base, resulting in low user retention rates.


1. Spaces (community group)

Spaces are communities within the UX Was Here platform where users

can join or create groups based on shared interests, backgrounds, or roles

such as geographical communities (e.g., Korean Designers in Canada), interest-based

groups (e.g., AI tools enthusiasts), or professional affiliations

(e.g., UBC students and alumni, Recruiters).

2. Upvote system

An upvote system will allow users to vote on posts, with the most upvoted

posts appearing first in the message board. This system empowers the

community to highlight valuable content and serves as a form of crowdsourced

moderation, reducing the burden on the moderation team.

3. Improved profile

Enhanced profile pages allow users to showcase their portfolios,

personal interests, job placements, nationality, and location.

This comprehensive profile setup facilitates better user connections

and is a conversation starter.

Final Design

Home page 

Home page – in other space with saved side bar

Event Page

Resource Page

Profile Page

Mobile Mockup


What have designers needed and experienced?

We conducted 2 surveys with 28 responses and 3 user interviews among

our peers to better understand their needs and motivations to participate

in a UX community platform.

What describes your role the best in the UX community ?

58% - A community member / 32%- A job seeker / 10% - industry professional

In survey, over 58% of people describe their role ‘Community member‘ 

in the ux community as well as 80% would like to participate the 

community to connect with people and attend events. 

Personas ↓

Junior and Senior Designer

 As junior UX designers, we felt confident creating persona #1 (Junior Designer).

However, we struggled with the senior UX designer persona #2 (Senior Designer),

so we conducted two user interviews with senior designers to better

understand their motivations and needs.

User testing ↓

User Testing

We have conducted two user tests, targeting

our first persona, individuals who are non-native speakers seeking more connections

within the community, and a senior designer

with over ten years of experience, fitting our second persona.


Home- before user testing

Home- After user testing

  • Improving the filter option to display “Upvotes” instead of “Top”
    could potentially enhance usability since upvoted posts stay at the top.
  • Relocating the “Share” and “Save” functionalities to the top right corner
    can also contribute to better usability. It’s an easily accessible position that
    allows users to navigate elements and save posts.
  • Including tags indicating the source of posts provides convenience
    and encourages exploration.

Resource Page- before user testing

Resource Page- After user testing


Our design decisions center around nurturing personal connections among users, both on an individual level and within specialized Spaces. These Spaces offer tailored environments where users feel valued and connected, enabling them to share their experiences and contribute to a vibrant community.

By fostering such interactions, we aim to revitalize user engagement and reduce turnover rates. We believe that by enhancing the user experience through meaningful interactions, we can significantly increase both user engagement and retention rates within the platform.


  • Conduct user testing and interviews for valuable insights, not assumptions, even when we are part of the user base.
  • Connect user needs with client pain points for effective solutions.
  • Prioritize tasks as everything takes longer than expected.
  • Intuition also works to understand the problem.